• Made patreon taxi compatible with taxi job.
  • Fixes Larry's used car sales.
  • Added Rockstart Editor support, use /record to open the menu.
Relay Twitter posts/images to Discord
Add The Taco Shop Icon on the map
Update mech shops for civ
Rentable and Purchasable Bicycles
Rework of player interactions (animations)
The taco update?
  • Added new stores around the map
  • Fixed all consumables
  • Fixed tacos (again)
  • Added usable Police Badges with UI
  • Addded teleports at elevetors at pillbox (lower)
  • Fixed bank doors (big banks) from auto locking bug
  • Allow /911 and /911a for EMS and Doctors
Fixes from yesterday's live stream.
  • Fix motel room doors that players can run through.
  • Fix mining job trucks not giving keys to players and not spawning in it.
  • Fix gold rush vehicles infinitely loading (causing black screen or crashes).
  • Fix cheesy pie! (shouldn't break you player hud anymore).
  • Fix house garages from eating cars.
  • Fixed black market bug
  • Nurf to fruitpik to balance then economy
  • Fixed dartboards on run way LUL
First Aid Kits
  • 3x better than bandages
  • 3x longer
  • Removes bleeding
  • 30% health regen
Fix broken phone apps
  • Update mismatch with taxi app, players with his job now display correctly
  • Update mismatch with tow app, players with his job now display correctly
  • redesigned tow app colour scheme
Search trash update
  • Updated loot table
  • Optimized the script to in reduce frame drops
  • Reduced amount of trash can models that can be searched through.

Fixed: Orange job vulnerability
Fixed: Missing icons
Fixed: Missing slots in stores
Updated: Optimized vehicle locks, carjacking and hot wiring from 0.36 to 0.05
Updated: Weather and time sync 2.1 (fix for rain and auto weather changes every 30 mins)


Fixed: start clothing menu mouse cursor not coming back
Fixed: Clothing menu (cinematic camera disabled)
Fixed: EMS vehicles update
Updated: casino back in (roulette, slots and black jacket).
Added: dumpster diving.


Fixed: house robbery reset timer.
Fixed: pd armory (hidden) item now buyable.
Fixed: Jerry cans for vehicles.
Updated: voice system.
Updated: voice proxy.
Note: Bikes and ATV's are towable (must look at them directly).


Fixed: Hide police app from other jobs
Fixed: Updated MRPD Visual issues
Fixed: Not spawning as the gender you selected in character registration
Updated: tooltips to clothing system
Updated: Cleaned up clothing UI
Fixed: Key blocks on phone. (no pressing E in stores whilst on phone).
Fixed: mech app (trans)
Fixed: PD cars not changing extras
Updated: Police store


Fixed: Lumber job, this now works!
Added: Mining v2, Fixed exploit and complete rework.


Fixed: Milking job.
Fixed: smoke animation.
Fixed: bank robberies.
Updated: Optimized Milking job.
Updated: emote menu (F3) and Optimized.
Updated Public garages V2 (all cars store across all garages).
Updated: Phone, added new apps, fix for twitter not showing all tweets.
Updated: Police, EMS and doctor pay rates.
Updated: Items to sell to the pawnshop.
Updated: House robberies (v2).
Added: Pawnshop store to buy stuff from.
Added: Pawnshop marker to map.
Added: Blackmarket, good luck it will move when the police find it.


Fixed: IT job and reworked.
Fixed: Gold Rush job (more optimized) this should help with frame drops.
Fixed: Rag-doll button rebounded to N key
Fixed: MDT for police.
Fixed: lag with pd command garage causing mass frame drops
Updated: Pawnshop.
Updated: Little bit of optimization with he police script done - reduced thread tick by 40%
Updated: Added new marker for vehicle extras (trailers & gators). This can be found in the outside parking lot.
Updated: police veh plates
Updated: police car spawn location to avoid crushing your fellow officers!!!!!


Fixed: Crafting.
Fixed Oxy run drop off points.


Fixed: Uncut diamonds/emeralds no picture.
Fixed Clothing cancel button.
Fixed Clothing max values between -1 to 400 (slots).
Fixed Clothing added spam prevention to stop cursor getting stuck on screen.
Fixed: Outfit saving in stores.
Fixed: Outfit saving outfit menu.
Fixed: Blue coral now able to be sold.
Fixed Oxy run and location moved.
Fixed: Phone taxi app, call drivers.
Fixed: body armor no longer shows broken vests.
Removed: All your belongings have been taken message at hospital.
Added: Knife to gun store (useful for hunting).
Added: new oxy run drop off locations.


Fixed: Phone/twitter bug with mouse ui stuck.
Fixed: Player outfits in houses & apartments.
Fixed: Police Armory for whitelisted personal.
Fixed: Pet store @ postal 824.
Updated: Typo in multi character ui.


Fix: Hospital healthcare cost reduced - (I'm so poor!)
Updated: phone - (you can talk whilst on it now?)
Updated: handcuffs - (can you hear me? Am i speaking?)
Updated: clothing menu to try and fix ui mouse bug.
Updated: Added debug (work around) command /fixui
Updated: AC
Updated: Store prices
Added: advance repair kits to youtool

ARP2 BETA -ver.B0.1

BUG Fixed: PDM breaking and has no back button
BUG Fixed: Deleting a character freezes your game
BUG Fixed: Multi character fix translation bugs and gender
BUG Fixed: Fix mens helmets
BUG Fixed: Remove or fix on/off duty notification for PD and EMS
BUG Fixed: Phone check. This may require more debugging.
BUG Fixed: Keybinds working while typing in chat box.
BUG Fixed: The Prone button needs to be blocked. Moved to key (U).
BUG Fixed: Prison escape.
BUG Fixed: Check if player is in prison on spawn
BUG Fixed: Fix Hands Up with the keybind of X because Snow broke it.
BUG Fixed: Change Geen to Impound.
BUG Fixed: Prison search script.
BUG Fixed: Notification for when prison time ends.
BUG Fixed: Fix casino and full rework.
BUG Fixed: Fix driving school.
BUG Fixed: Rework the scrap yard
BUG Fixed: Rework sell car at larry’s rv
BUG Fixed: Add window Tint back in the mechs.
BUG Fixed: More phone translation fix
BUG Fixed: Change BSN to SSN
BUG Fixed: PD new gates.
BUG Fixed: Fix Prison window glitch
Added: New Banking UI
Added: New loading screen
Added: Update city hall UI
Added: Add images to twitter with new ui
Added: Change some commands like /enter to a press E to enter ect
Added: Remove 6 slot from inventory (HIDDEN SLOT)
Added: Give & Pay button in inventory
Added: Added gunshot residue
Added: Rework on admin system
Added: Clean up Toko Voip Message
Added: Update multcharater UI
Added: Revamp of MLO’s around the map
Added: Clothing revamp
Added: New lower pillbox
Added: Add the new pet store in
Added: Added beach bag search
Added: Added pole dancing
Added: Add grandma house
Added: phone store with tech
Added: Rework Pawnshop
Added: When sent to jail put on prison clothes
Added: Pillbox check in only if less than 2 or more EMS are online
Added: New and improved spawn UI
Added: Ragdoll button
Added: Add casino close and lock door system
Added: New PD Cars and liveries
Added: New Housing dec UI.
Added: Job center (reworked)
Added: New clothing and ped system
Added: New car HUD (rework UI)
Added: Golf, Fishing and Darts.
Added: Car finance system
Added: New Map and Minimap postal UI
Added: Weazel News News paper
Added: Some new jobs
Added: Finish prison hospital
Added: Removed unused MLO’s

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